Relax Collection

natura line

The Natura Frauflex® line was created using exclusively 100% natural latex, in line with all the standing regulations for ecological latex mattresses.

elegance line

Frauflex® Elegance exclusive collection offers a complete choice of superior products for a luxurious sleeping experience.

tecnica line

This Frauflex® line has been designed for those of you interested in technological innovations, keen to improve the quality of life and never wanting to compromise. Tecnica collection includes items made of new generation materials and innovative molecular compositions that have been developed based on in-depth studies of sleep behaviour.

jeans line

Our Frauflex® Jeans range was designed for those who like practical and simple solutions. It was thought for all of you that live actively but want that little extra comfort. By choosing Frauflex® Jeans you choose a lifestyle that is dynamic, spontaneous and vibrant. Frauflex® Jeans is probably our most diversified and complete proposition.

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