Frauflex Company

Frauflex was born in 1952 and now boasts more than 60 years experiences in designing of the good rest.
It 'a story all made ​​in Italy, made up of ideas, PEOPLE, enthusiasm, desire to grow and to realize a project.
Was born as a small business, but that with the passage of the years, it has been confirmed as one of the first companies in the field of rest.

New industrial  concepts leading Frauflex to create in our own factory, a specific control of all production activities of beds and Mattresses, synthesis of the desire to give quality and longevity at its products.
Hence the decision to have within the company all stages of production of the products and to maintain the patterns of the beds even after their exit from the catalog. This is to give an effective contribution over time to our customers and to keep alive the value of the product over time.

The research has always been an important strategic element of  corporate development policy, which is expressed through collaboration with interior designer and the development of their prototypes, because values ​​such as creativity, quality and attention to detail are the corporate DNA


Over the years, the range of proposals Frauflex mantains as a distinctive element the close ties with the current, demonstrating a profound ability to catch the needs and tastes of a diverse audience and international anticipating and interpreting the trends of the moment

Frauflex history is the story of an enterprise that while achieving international dimensions, has been able to maintain its reality in the territory , preserving moral values ​​that characterize the Italian province .

In 2011 it was acquired by the Frauflex Lollo Due Ltd, a company based in Vicenza , specializing in the production of textile furnishings for outdoor and indoor use.
The new policy of the property has been not to disperse the know- how acquired over many years , but rather, to deploy this force with all the experience that a company like Lollo Due SRL has built in its 30 years of activity.

The new projects on the theme of well-being proposed today by Frauflex , are inspired by the needs of the end user of the third millennium and lead to the creation of new ideas and stylistic developments and techniques.
Frauflex promotes the work culture as a value and retains its firm size, expression of people more united to the company and to customer satisfaction.
Frauflex continues its History